GOOD POINT, MIKE ROWE… Hey All You Colleges Taking Down The American Flag… Where Do You Get YOUR Funding From Again???

Mike Rowe makes a good point, not flying the flag to combat these problems makes zero sense, seeing as how this is the nation where these kinds of problems are dealt with head on. Other countries are not so lucky. Rowe finishes with an interesting point about where these schools are getting their dollars.

VIA|Donald Trump posted an outrageous treat that drew passionate reactions from both sides of the aisle on the issue of flag burning, and what should be done to punish those who do it. Some of us argued against more government control over citizens’ interactions with their own private property, while others demanded something happened to those who commit the “treasonous” act of burning the American flag.

Mike Rowe decided to weigh in on the issue and as usual, his response is rational and level-headed. I would expect nothing less from a man like Rowe. Let’s just hope that the snowflakes on the left don’t sic the “tolerance” police on him.

Here is Rowe’s Facebook Post:

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