A Shark Bit This Dude’s Arm, So He Wrestled It And Ate It

Picture the scene. You’re sitting aboard your surfboard waiting to catch the next wave, then BAM! A shark grabs your hand, pulls you under and then lets you loose so you can make your way to the hospital wing. What would you do? Cry as you sit in A&E waiting for your 15 stitches? Refuse to ever step foot in the ocean again? Or head back to the scene of the crime, catch the bugger that took a bite out of your arm, fillet it, cook it, and eat it like some sort of medieval warrior? Well the latter is exactly what one man just did.

Fisherman Allen Engleman was floating on his board last weekend in the waters off Singer Island in Palm Beach County, Florida when a 7-foot spinner shark got a little hungry. Unfortunately the culprit paid the ultimate price when the 28-year-old decided to get his revenge.

In a recorded interview Engleman explained what happened when the attack took place and how he retributed the snappy culprit afterwards. Patch.com reported:

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 11.20.19

Wow just when you thought you’d heard it all this story came crawling out of the sea woodwork.

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