Americans Are Going To Love President Trump Even More After They See How He Put The NFL In Check For Allowing Players To Disrespect Our National Anthem

Trump has been spot on when calling things as he sees them. He is absolutely right when it comes to the ratings in the NFL, American patriots had a lot to do with it. The American people are sick of rich cry babies like Collin Kaepernick, thinking that the world owes them everything on a silver platter. Well guys, I hate to break it to you, but the world is not all sunshine and daffodils. Until the NFL can get their heads out of their asses and stop praising guys like Collin, they are going to continue to see their rating drop. ‘MERICA!

VIA| Trump was at a rally in Cincinnati on Thursday when he told the crowd that politics energized Americans more than sports do. “One of the announcers, I have to tell you, from ESPN. Now, they cover football and boxing and everything, right? And he went out and he said, ‘I gotta tell you, that event, last night’ — meaning the election results — ‘was better than any fight, any baseball game, any football game,’” he said.

He then told the crowd that they were the reason that the NFL’s ratings are suffering. “He said, ‘That was the most exciting event I’ve ever seen!’ And it was politics,” Trump declared. “And then you look at the NFL. Well now they should start recovering. But their ratings were so far down. And you know what the reason was? This. Because this business is tougher than the NFL. The people liked it. Their ratings were down 20 or 21 percent. And it was because of us.”

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Do you think President Trump is right about why the NFL rating have dropped so much this year?


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