Americans OUTRAGED At Racist Comments Black Man Made About Hero Cop Who Stopped ‘OSU’ Attacker.

Skin color should have nothing to do with this man’s opinion about the events that unfolded. The officer was simply protecting the people he promised to protect, and when someone goes around stabbing and running people over with a car, someone needs to intervene regardless of the skin color of those involved. Clearly, Horujko stepped up and quickly handled the situation the best way he could by killing the man who was victimizing innocent people.


After the terrifying Ohio State University stabber was stopped by the heroic cop, most of the country gave this police officer the praise and respect that he deserves. It would seem tht this sentiment was not felt by all, however. One black man, Tariq Nasheed, took to Twitter with some very racist comments about the cop that has many Americans completely outraged.


When the Somali Muslim refugee, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, began attacking people on the Ohio State University campus, it was only a matter of minutes before Police Officer Alan Horujko stepped in and eliminated the threat. Although Horujko is being hailed a hero for what he did, self-described “anti-racism strategist”

Tariq Nasheed decided to publicly state otherwise – proving he’s actually as racist as they come.Instead of accepting the fact that Horujko was a hero for saving many lives from Artan’s rage on the OSU Campus, Nasheed posted on Twitter in an attempt to prove a point that backfired. “So white officer Alan Horujko who shot and killed the Black Somali stabbing suspect in Ohio is being paraded as a hero,” Nasheed wrote, according to InfoWars. “Thats interesting.”

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