They say you’re not supposed to get rich in politics, but these last 8 years we have seen top democratic leaders buy mansions, take expensive trips and literally live above the law. We are happy Obama’s term is up..but that won’t stop us exposing his newest scandal.

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VIA|  Ever since Barack Obama took office, he has tried to keep details of his daughters’ lives private. That’s why he was furious this week when an article came out this week exploring the net worth of 18 year-old Malia Obama.

With articles like this coming out, the president will likely be afraid that people will be more likely to use his daughter Malia to get to her money. It also shatters the image that the Obamas are an average American family that they have worked so hard to create…

MorningLedger reports that Malia and her sister Natasha (commonly known as “Sasha”) have $200,000 and $450,000 in 529 college plans. The sisters both attended the Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C. after their father became president. The first presidential daughter has just graduated this summer and plans on taking a gap year before studying at Harvard University, her parents’ alma mater.

Malia Obama’s net worth is difficult to pin down. The eldest presidential daughter, however, has been working in the film and TV industry as young as 16 years old. When actress Lena Dunham visited the White House, Malia mentioned she was a fan of her show. Subsequently, Malia became an intern at the show Girls. Before that, she worked with the crew behind Halle Berry’s Extant.

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