Alec Baldwin Makes A Complete Idiot Of Himself Trying To MOCK Trump- LOL!

Trump is not amused… Watch Alec Baldwin make a complete fool of himself on live tv after trying to mock Donald Trump… AGAIN! Ha! Ha!

Reported by webdaily,

Alec Baldwin’s new favorite hobby is to troll President-Elect Donald Trump. His most recent stunt was to post a photo to Instagram wearing a hat that said “Make America Great Again”… in Russian.

Recent intelligence reports claim to show evidence that the Russian’s were responsible for the e-mails revealed through WikiLeaks.

President-Elect Trump has made it clear that he doesn’t find Alec Baldwin’s Trump impersonations funny, and upon hearing that Saturday Night Live had record low numbers, claimed that the performances by Baldwin might be a reason.

Via Breitbart: Trump did not respond directly to Baldwin’s trolling, as he has in the past. When Saturday Night Live’s ratings dropped to a season low after the return of Baldwin as Donald Trump, the President-elect ripped the long-running show, calling it “unwatchable!” and “totally biased,” stating that “the Baldwin impersonation just can’t get any worse.”

Trump has been known to respond to “trolling” by Baldwin in the past, however, hasn’t as of yet responded.

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