Billionaire Donald Trump’s Ex-Butler Comes Forward To Reveal The TRUTH About The GOP Frontrunner

CNN recently invited on air for an interview the former butler of billionaire businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump, likely in the hope that he would divulge some sort of dark secret about the GOP front-runner that could be used against him.

Instead, host Carol Costello only seemed capable of prying a ringing endorsement of his former boss out of Anthony P. “Tony” Senecal, according to Breitbart.

One of Costello’s first questions for Senecal was whether Trump was the same person onstage at the debates as he is offstage in real life. Senecal affirmed that he was and that he had debated the same issues with his boss during the 20 years he worked for him as are being raised now.

“His interest in the American people, his patriotism … the man was born on Flag Day. He is a very patriotic person, and he wants what is best for this country,” Senecal explained.

Near the close of the conversation, Costello made one last attempt at digging up some dirt on Trump, asking Senecal if there was anything he could share about his former boss that her viewers may not realize.

“First of all, I tell you he’s an incredibly generous person,” Senecal said. “He’s been generous to his employees. He’s been generous to strangers.”

“He’s an entirely nice guy. He’s not the great gruff person that people play him out to be,” the former butler continued. “Sure, if you attack him, he’s going to fight back. But most of the time, he’s just a nice man. I mean, I lasted with him 20 years. He had to be pretty good.”

You can watch the entire interview right here.

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