BOMBSHELL- Truth About PERVERT Khan Comes Out… Email Traced to GROSS Website & Even Worse Address!!!

VIA| Khizr Khan, the Muslim father of deceased Army Capt. Human Khan, thrust himself into the limelight at theDemocratic National Convention last month by attacking Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Since then, some interesting tidbits of information have surfaced about Khan, and most of them are less than desirable.

According to Got News, a search of public records indicated Khan used the adultery-oriented website, Ashley Madison. Searches also discovered a connection with Khan and the email address “”

The site indicates that Khan’s two other sons, Shaharya and Omer Khan might also be associated with the email address. When Got News’ researchers checked the email against a database of leaked emails from Ashley Madison, they found the email registered with Omer Khan’s birth date. That could mean Omer Khan is “Kinky Lick,” the site suggests, but it said public records indicated that all of the Khan men are associated with the address.

khan email address

Even more interesting — and disturbing — is more research that may have linked Khan’s alleged home address with a perverted nightclub called “Kinkylicks Wet Room.”

Kahn wet room address

If these connections turn out to be real, they look very bad for Kahn.

Khan’s credibility already took a couple of hits when it became known that he wrote a booklet upholding Shariah law called “Juristic Classification of Islamic Law,” and when he deleted his law firm’s website from internet for no apparent reason.

The last thing Khan needs is a link to a cheating website and a kinky email address and nightclub.

It’s pretty obvious that Shariah law wouldn’t approve of either.

While we do not know if any of these claims regarding the email or nightclub are valid, one thing is certain — they aren’t doing Khan any favors, and they are shattering his reputation.

H/T Red Flag News

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