BOOM: Another NAVY Protester Tries To SIT DURING ANTHEM… The Military SHUT HER DOWN!

VIA| Remember a couple weeks back when a female sailor disrespected the National Anthem, because she was following in Colin Kaeperick’s footsteps?

She was disciplined.

Now, another female sailor is proudly refusing to stand when “The Star Spangled Banner” is played.

You know, because black people have to take a stand for killed criminals or else they’re not considered black enough.

From Independent Journal Review:

Last week, as tensions increased following two highly publicized police shootings, another sailor came forward to say that she would be sitting out the national anthem as well:




Veterans aren’t letting her off the hook…

Ervin complained that the Navy was “punishing her for defending the Constitution,” but John Bloomer pointed out that she actually was in violation of Navy regulations:

“Navy regulations require all uniformed personnel to stand at attention and face the ensign while the anthem is played.

This service member is in violation of the regulations. Disciplinary action is warranted.

Anyone has a right to protest, but action conducted as a protest does not grant immunity from the law or a pass on any social consequence.

The perception of many people seems to be that a claim of ‘right to protest’ is a free pass from any consequences of their chosen protest. That needs to be corrected.”

Ervin spoke of her pledge to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States and to spread freedom and democracy around the world,” but veteran Naval officer and fellow African American Martin Baker was reminded of something he was told in training:

“I was told in basic training the simplest of phrases: we are here to preserve and defend democracy, not practice it.

When you put the uniform on, you must put aside your personal feelings and remember at that moment you are a direct representative of the United States of America. You are, if need be, the advanced diplomacy of the American way of life.

If at any time you feel you cannot stand and represent our flag and our nation even in something as simple as the anthem, you forfeit the right to wear that uniform.”

More veterans need to speak up about what these ingrates are doing for attention.

It’s not right.

It’s un-American.


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