BOOM!!!: Tucker Carlson Is At It Again As He CRUSHES BLm Activist And Race-Pimp Tariq Nasheed

You can just feel the tension that is coming from this debate as Tucker lets this lefty¬†race-pimp Tariq Nasheed have it when he claims that the cop in OSU attack was a white cop killing a black man, and that the attacker wasn’t a terrorist. What an idiot!

VIA|Tucker goes after the Left in a way nobody has since the invention of the cathode-ray tube. He challenges Liberal lunacy with full-frontal assault on their sensibilities.

In this clip, he has race-pimp Tariq Nasheed in his cross-hairs, and I enjoyed the exchange.

In the exchange, Nasheed is asked to explain his tweet about a police officer shooting a terrorist. The segment was based mainly on this tweet from Nasheed in the aftermath of the Ohio State terror attack.

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