BREAKING NEWS: Immediately After The Debt Ted Cruz DESTROYS Hillary Clinton With A BRUTAL Message!


It took awhile, but Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) shocked the political world by endorsing Donald Trump for President in 2016.

 The Republican presidential primary was tough, but Cruz knows that Hillary Clinton would damage America forever.

The endorsement also had a lot to do with Cruz’s re-election plans for 2018, and future potential presidential runs.

But after the debate last night, it was clear to Trump’s former rival that Trump is the only acceptable choice for President in 2016. Trump thanked Cruz for his Facebook page… this is powerful and is going viral!


Here is what the post said:

Last night, Trump’s performance was impressive. Trump was facing a biased moderator and a Democrat opponent who has been involved in dozens of presidential debates… including against President Barack Obama.

Trump looked Presidential, while Hillary Clinton embarrassed herself. There is no question that Donald Trump won the debate.

Strangely, not everyone is happy with Cruz finally endorsing Trump. Radio host Glenn Beck is furious!

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