BROMANCE: Canada’s Prime Minister LOVES Castro – GET A LOAD OF THIS BULLSH%T!!!


The ‘handsome’ Canadian Prime Minister with the flowing locks and dashing smile… is a complete jackass.

Video: Trudeau Sworn In As Canada’s New Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a statement on the death of Fidel Castro:


Well, that was a rather flattering description of a brutal dictator that committed massive human rights violations and did not allow free elections.

A man who set a MAXIMUM wage of $20 a month, but whose personal net worth was estimated at $900 million.

Castro took a beautiful, successful country and turned in into a sh-t-hole where you can get your ‘free’ healtcare, but you need to bring your own pillow, sheets, and medicine.

You might want to bring your own doctor, too.

Many are forced into prostitution due to hunger and need — including children.

Pedophiles know that Cuba is the place to go to to indulge in their depravity.

This is the ‘President’ that the Prime Minister of Canada spoke of so glowingly.

‘But the people loved him!’ said Trudeau.

As if they had a choice. If they didn’t they’d be imprisoned — or worse.

This is a generational ‘bromance’ that began with Trudeau’s father. Here is Pierre Elliot Trudeau with Castro in 1976:


Here is Fidel Castro being greeted by the Princeling (or in Canadian: ‘Dauphin‘) Justin Trudeau at Peirre Elliot Trudeau’s funeral in 2000. It was after Justin’s eulogy that he entered the political arena.


Just FYI, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a ‘Champagne Socialist‘, with a million dollar car has expressed his admiration for Communists before.

Here’s what he said about China before he became Prime Minister. This is a real quote:

“There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China. Their basic dictatorship is actually allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime.”

Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs [the Canadian equivalent to ‘Secretary of State’] and former candidate for Prime Minister had an equally cringe-worthy statement on the death of Castro:

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