Something Crazy Happened During Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro’s Funeral Service

This is karma hard at work. We all know that Fidel Castro was a hated man around the world, but even the best storyteller couldn’t have made this one up! Complete online ridicule erupted as the jeep that was carrying his body to his final resting place decided to croak, too. Ironic…don’t ya think?

VIA| In a brilliant moment of karma right before his burial, the jeep pulling Fidel Castro’s ashes through his funeral procession broke down — and actually had to be pushed by soldiers.

As FP’s Robert Gehl reported:

The breakdown came in the midst of throngs of “adoring fans” chanting “Long Live Fidel!” in state-mandated displays of emotion.

The breakdown of the Russian-made jeep was ironically symbolic of the barbaric decades of Castro’s rule on the island nation.

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The irony is real, folks!

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