Clinton Foundation Takes A Massive Blow, Hillary And Bill Are Done

The day has finally come, that the Clinton foundation is finally being flushed down the toilet. The people have spoken and they decided that the Clinton foundation was nothing but a crime ring, that took from the poor (and rich) to contribute the Clinton’s wealth. An investigation is imminent and I will be the first to report when the crooks go down!

VIA| It looks as though Hillary Clinton won’t even have to bother with shutting down the Clinton Foundation, because the people have spoken and the charity appears to be shutting down on its own. According to The New York Post, the foundation’s fundraising has taken a 37% hit after it was revealed how corrupt it is.

Two years ago it raked in $178 million, and now it’s just $102 million. More dramatically, the Clintons brought in $3.6 million in speaking fees last year, but this year it is down to a mere $357,000. The Clintons have become pariahs. Are you happy that the public has finally turned on Bill and Hillary?

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What do you think of the Clinton’s being able to walk free after all the scandals they are said to be involved in. Tell us what you think, below.

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