Crazy Moment Reporter Seems Unfazed as Man Flashes Gun On Live TV During Weather Report!

A man has flashed what appeared to be a gun in front of a reporter on live television.

The Serbian TV crew, from public broadcaster┬áRTV Vojvodina, were approached as they filmed in a vegetable market in Novi Sad, the country’s second largest city.

The reporter, Tamara Bojic, was talking to the camera as the gun was waved in front of her face.

TV report

It was unclear whether the gun was real or an imitation

In the footage, Bojic’s eyes widen but she continues speaking on air, seemingly unfazed by the incident.

The man reportedly continued to threaten the crew before fleeing. He is still on the run and his identity is not known.

It is not clear if the gun was a real weapon.

The broadcaster has filed a complaint with the interior ministry.

Serbian interior minister┬áNebojsa Stefanovic said: “This is something unacceptable and cannot be tolerated … we will try to find out as soon as possible the person’s identity.”

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