CRIMINALS: CNN Orders A HUGE BLACK OUT Over This Story To Protect Hillary And Bill


The story of Danney Williams is not more well-known to most people because the media doesn’t want it to be.

Williams has claimed for a little while now that he is the son of Bill Clinton.

The MSM has and will continue to do everything possible to protect the first major party presidential candidate to come under FBI investigation, so this news gets pushed under the rug.

Now, Drudge Report is saying CNN is going to completely blackout anything Williams related.

If journalism isn’t completely dead, it’s certainly dying.

From Conservative Tribune:

When it comes to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, there are no depths to which CNN will not sink. Innuendos, cut feeds, half-truths — they’ll do them all. When it’s a story that’s damaging to Hillary Clinton, though, they’re as silent as can possibly be.

That’s at least the lesson one can take from the case of Danney Williams, the young man who has claimed to be the illegitimate son of former President Bill Clinton.

The case has been slowly seeping into the mainstream press, as Williams has been pressing for a DNA test. However, no matter how mainstream it gets, CNN isn’t going to cover it. Or, at least, that’s what the Drudge Report said.

“CNN boss Jeff Zucker has directly ordered network staff not to cover shocking allegations made my Arkansas resident Danney Williams, the Drudge Report has learned,” the website revealed Wednesday. “‘Jeff thinks it is a ridiculous hoax,’ a top CNN source reveals.”

Williams’ story first made the tabloids in the 1990s. It picked up steam in April of this year, however, when Buddy Young, a former Arkansas state trooper, said that he and another trooper were paid $400 each to drive then-Gov. Bill Clinton out to a house with Bobbie Ann Williams, a former prostitute who is Danney’s mother.

What a joke.

Why don’t we just have the government run the media entirely at this point?

That’s basically what they’re doing now.

Comcast, which owns CNN, is one of Hillary’s biggest donors.

Do you not think the network is controlled by Hillary’s team?

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