DISTURBING: What These Young LADIES Where Giggling About Is Just UNBELIEVABLE…


Three very twisted teenage girls from Nassau County, Florida, were caught posting a video to Snapchat of themselves holding a poor rabbit by its throat and then repeatedly flinging it at a wall while giggling like idiots.

An x-ray later showed that the rabbit had suffered a leg fracture from the vicious torture it received. As for the three girls, aged 13 and 14, they wound up in a Jacksonville juvenile detention facility, according to The Florida Times-Union, where they hopefully will remain for quite awhile.

How exactly the girls were busted was not immediately reported, though a Facebook post on the “Nassau County, Florida… Rants, Raves, and Reviews” page showed the full video, which later went viral and was ported to YouTube.

It can be viewed below, though we must warn you that it is quite graphic and disturbing:

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