Former Obama ‘DOJ’ Official Drops A Bomb On What Obama Plans To Dump On President Trump When He Takes The White house

Obama seems to think that he can do as he pleases when it comes to making the laws. His plan to drown America with illegals is obvious, and in this rapid flooding, crime rates have skyrocketed and jobs are harder than ever to find. President Trump is going to have his hand full trying to undo what Obama did to this great nation, but we have faith that he will do great things!

VIA| The White House’s top staffer on immigration matters, according to The Washington Times, said Obama “won’t pardon illegal immigrants before the end of his term, dashing hopes of activists who had pleaded for Mr. Obama to use his powers to shield hundreds of thousands of Dreamers from deportation.”

However, J. Christian Adams, who used to work in the Obama Justice Department, warns, “this president…is inclined to remain an activist through the entire term.” And that, Adams told a conference call sponsored by Bishop E.W. Jackson’s National Awakening Coalition, “does not bode well for the future.”

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Obama seems to think, just because he is President he can make laws and do what he pleases.

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