Have You Ever BEEN Asleep Then Woken UP From Your Body JERKING? – This Is What It Means…


Have you ever woken up with a sudden jolt just as you’ve started falling asleep? Or maybe it felt like you were falling? It could be that it felt like you were having a huge muscle spasm. You may have even felt a small shock sensation or a bouncing feeling.

Scientists estimate that around 70% of people experience hypnic jerks at some point in their lives. A hypnic jerk is an involuntary twitching of a muscle, or muscles. They usually occur just as you are falling asleep, during what’s known scientifically as the hypnagogic state of consciousness.

The following video explains what causes the muscles to twitch. Hypnic jerks may be unsettling or annoying, but you don’t need to fear going to sleep just because they may happen to you.

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