Gutless Coward Alec Balwdin Used Carrie Fisher’s Death To Take A Shot At Trump..He Regretted It Immediately!

I’ve never liked Alec Baldwin. I’m gonna let some feelings out here, so bear with me folks.

He’s a no good rat bastard, and that is me being nice. In an age where it seems like we forget things that happened yesterday and move onto the next thing, I’ve got a long memory when it comes to this piece of trash.

I remember VERY CLEARLY years ago when he verbally abused his own daughter via answering machine message because he was pissed off at the mom. I remember that.  So there’s no love lost over this waste of damn oxygen. Alec Baldwin has made it clear he doesn’t like Donald Trump.

In fact, he now goes on SNL on a regular basis dressed up like Trump with the sole purpose of making him look bad.

Carrie Fisher passed away yesterday and apparently Alec Baldwin thought that was a good opportunity to bash Trump. It didn’t go well.

From The Smoke Room:

After Carrie Fisher died at a Los Angeles hospital Tuesday just days after going into cardiac arrest while on a flight, the actor made a tasteless joke about Donald Trump while he was paying tribute to her.

“Death comes in threes,” Baldwin tweeted. “Carrie Fisher. George Michael. The integrity of the Oval Office.”



Really Alec?

Here’s how Twitter responded…

Come on Alec.

Surely you can do better than that can’t you?

Just another example of a Hollywood liberal taking politics way too far.

RIP Carrie Fisher.


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