Here Are A Few Things You May Not Know About These Bada$$ United States Military Special Operations Units PROTECTING YOU

If you’re worried about national security, you might rest easy knowing that there are highly trained individuals protecting your safety right now. These little-known military special operations units are on the job, and achieving some impressive feats.

The Shadow Wolves are one such group who work within Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This group consists of intertribal Native American officers who track drug smugglers and traffickers sneaking across the border. Their tracking skills are so highly developed that they’ve been dispatched to foreign countries to teach law enforcement experts how it’s done.

Another group is Task Force Orange, formed after the Iranian Hostage Crisis in 1981. TFO is an intelligence gathering and combat unit who have been going in to seek out and destroy major terrorist threats. The group is credited with capturing Saddam Hussein, finding and killing Osama Bin Laden, and they’re currently targeting Syrian foreign fighter networks.

One group flies so far under the radar that they’re below sea level. The National Underwater Reconnaissance Office existed for nearly 30 years before the public even knew about them. The group is a joint force between the CIA and the U.S. Navy, and they played a pivotal role during the Cold War by spying on Soviet Union submarines and tapping undersea communications.

In times of such uncertainty, it’s good to know that these highly trained experts are in the shadows behind us, always vigilant and always protecting us.

Photo: Youtube, Prison Planet

Land of the free, home of the brave.

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