Hillary Supporter Puts A Massive Sign On His Balcony, Neighbor Has A Legendary Comeback That’s Priceless!

VIA| When your neighbors erect a large sign letting you know they’ll be voting for corrupt Hillary Clinton on November 8th, what’s the best counter move?

This person has it all figured out.

The house on the left boasts a banner that reads: HILLARY.

The house on the right finishes the sentence with: IS A LIAR.

Winner winner.

Check it…

When your neighbor puts up a Hillary sign, there’s only one thing you can do in response… #HillaryIsALiar

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Could’ve gone a number of ways here, but “is a liar” never fails.

Hillary…is a fraud.

Hillary…is a crook.

Hillary…says she cares for children but doesn’t mind if their skulls are crushed and their brains are sucked out with metal tubes.

Okay, last one might be a little long.

Overall, whoever completed the message is a G.

They get it.


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