Hillary’s Not The Only Clinton Who Might Be Losing It… Bill’s A Campaign Embarrassment


With Democrat Hillary Clinton dominating candidate health news by fending off coughing fits and occasionally collapsing like a house of cards, conservatives and Republican nominee Donald Trump have been loudly demanding to see proof that she’s physically able to assume the presidency.

But the mental capacities of the former president who’s campaigning to become the first “first gentleman” (if the term “gentleman” can actually be applied) are causing suspicion these days, too…and for good reason.

While stumping for his wife on Tuesday, Bill Clinton committed a royal gaffe — the kind that might make people wonder whether his nickname “Slick Willy” should be changed to leave out the first “l.” Bill actually flubbed Hillary’s official campaign slogan by getting fully half of its words dead wrong…and there are only two words.

“But we were growing together. This campaign slogan of Hillary’s, ‘growing together,’ is more than just two words that sound good,” Clinton said.

At the time, Bill Clinton was standing at a podium with the actual campaign slogan printed on it. Maybe Bill was taking the opportunity to promote a slogan he would have preferred, given that Hillary has said that he would be in charge of growing the economy if she’s in the White House.

Check out the oopsie video here:

The problem, of course, is that “the campaign slogan of Hillary’s” is not, in fact “growing together.” It’s “stronger together” – and it’s one the campaign apparently put some considerable time into developing, no matter the fact that it’s utterly insipid. (As hacked campaign emails posted by WikiLeaks last week showed, some of the alternatives were even worse.)

Now, any candidate or candidate’s surrogate can make a simple mistake on the campaign trail. And if the candidate or surrogate is a Democrat, the mainstream media won’t even notice.

But for the man often touted by the left as the consummate politician to flub a campaign slogan that was also the title of a book that bears his wife’s name is something else entirely – and could well mean the 70-year-old former president is maybe not entirely as on the ball as he was back in the glory days of intern dalliances in the Oval Office. (Granted, the book was such an embarrassing flop even The New York Timeshad to admit it, but Bill still should have been able to remember what it’s called.)

It’s not just conservatives who are questioning Bill’s mental acumen either. Back in April, when Clinton got into a verbal tussle with some Black Lives Matter protesters at a campaign event in Philadelphia, Gary Legum, a writer for the liberal Salon.com, observed that the ex-president was clearly past his prime.

Talk about someone whose time has passed him by! It was a bit like being a longtime Lakers fan watching Kobe Bryant’s last season. His knees are shot, he spends all his bench time with ice packs and bandages wrapped around him like a partially finished mummy, and yet he’s still going out there and jacking up terrible shots. And fewer and fewer of them are finding the net than earlier in his career.

Leave aside for a second that what Clinton said during the BLM encounter actually made sense. By Democrat standards, that means he’s clearly slipping. It’s like catching Hillary telling the truth before breakfast.

Then there was that breakdown in early October when Clinton slipped up again and blurted out the truth about Obamacare, calling it the “craziest thing in the world.” 

Again, he was on target — just look at the recently announced premium hikes on tap for 2017 — but that just feeds the suspicion that he’s off his rocker.

Naturally, social media users had a blast with the Bubba bashing.

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