Judge Jeanine Calls It Like She See’s It, “Real Leaders Just Get It Done”

President Trump isn’t looking to be a hero, he’s just a man that loves his country and wants it to be great again; this is exactly what our country needed. Judge Jeanine hits it out of the park when she compares Trump to former President Ronald Reagan. Real leaders don’t want praise. They just want to get the job done and get it done right!

VIA| She does a great job of dismantling critics of the Carrier deal, too. She reminds us that all of the workers who will keep their jobs will also keep paying taxes and not go on government assistance.

She also reminds naysayers that we go out of our way to help refugees and illegal immigrants all the time. Why are people complaining when we do something to help working people?

Here’s more from the FOX News Insider:

Judge Jeanine on Trump’s Carrier Deal: ‘You’re Watching Ronald Reagan’

Pirro compared Trump’s ability to cut such a deal before even being sworn-in to how President Ronald Reagan worked to free more than 50 Americans held hostage in Iran– something his predecessor, Jimmy Carter, could not accomplish in their 444 days in captivity, she noted.

She criticized President Obama for telling a steelworker, in a discussion on the topic of keeping jobs in America, that instead of preventing outsourcing, workers should learn more contemporary skills and adapt to new technology like clean energy.

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Trump seems to be taking everything head on and making sure that America has a future. Together we will all make America Great Again. Do you agree?

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