Ex NFL Super Bowl Champ Learns EXACTLY How Long He Will Be ROTTING Behind Bars

I don’t feel sorry for anyone who has to drug a woman and assault her while she is unconscious. I think he should spend more time behind bars.

Athletes like Darren Sharper think that they are above the law and can get away with anything. They need to be shown that there are consequences!!

The punishments can’t be a slap on the wrist anymore. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with over privileged athletes doing what they want and thinking they are untouchable.



VIA| A judge in Los Angeles has sentenced former NFL star Darren Sharper to 20 years in prison for raping two women and drugging two others, but under terms that would total about half that time in custody.

The sentencing Tuesday marks the end of prosecutions in four states for the former all-pro safety who won a Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints.

Sharper pleaded no contest in a deal negotiated with prosecutors in four states, but the deal was superseded by a judge in New Orleans who said it was too lenient and sentenced Sharper to 18 years.

Sharper was also convicted of rapes or sexual assaults in Nevada and Arizona.

Sharper, 41, who told a federal judge in Louisiana that he wanted to “apologize a thousand times,” had one more opportunity for contrition, but it had little bearing on his punishment.

Sharper was working as an NFL Network analyst when women in several cities began telling police they had blacked out while drinking with him and woke up groggy to discover they had been sexually assaulted.

Sharper’s arrest also came as the NFL was dealing with off-field problems with players accused of crimes ranging from spousal abuse to murder.

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