Liberal TRIES To Help “Poor” Refugee Children, Gets BRUTAL LESSON IN RADICAL ISLAM

A bleeding heart Muslim loving liberal just got a brutal dose of reality after volunteering to help these poor little mini- jihad terrorists.

While the leftists call us racists and Islamaphobes for fighting what amounts to an Islamic invasion into America, the libs insist that these people are harmless, loving wonderful people. I beg to differ.

That’s why what you are about to see is something that I, personally find gratifying. America’s Freedom Fighters has relentlessly warned everyone that these so-called refugees are nothing but a Muslim NIGHTMARE!

A Greek woman felt the need to help these poor little children at a refugee camp but what happened should be a huge wake up call. If not, then she is a complete idiot and I couldn’t give a crap about what happens to her in the future in her impossible attempt to integrate Muslims into society. It’s an impossible task. They hate us. They are violent savages.

Take a look.

YouTube Video via Golden Dawn Dubs & Subs

A sensitive anti-racist, who was baited by the channels’ regime propaganda, went to Ellinikon to offer aid to the “persecuted refugee children”.

However, instead of starving children she met a gang of thieves, who in no time swiped whatever was in her car, her purse, her cellphone and all her belongings. The same and worse happened to her sensitive and humanitarian friend who accompanied her.

Savages. Animals. Garbage.

Like I said, there is no place for these scumbags in a civilized society.

This is why we need to ban all Islamist’s from entering our country until we can properly screen the 1% that might be worthy of being in our country.


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