WATCH – 1 Year Later, Bill Maher Is TOTALLY HUMILIATED As Ann Coulter Gets Last Laugh

SOURCE | Bill Maher was one of the many outspoken television Liberals who mocked Donald Trump’s chances of winning against Hillary Clinton on Election Day. Ann Coulter took Maher on during his own show and now she finally gets the last laugh.

One year ago tens of millions of Americans were debating which one of the 17 Republican presidential candidates would wind up being the GOP nominee. Ann Coulter was the first notable to publicly predict Donald J. Trump would be the primary victor.

When Bill Maher asked Ann Coulter who she thought would win the primary race during the June 19, 2015 episode of his HBO show, Real Time, the brazen Conservative woman did not hesitate for even a second before looking into the camera and saying “Trump.”

Bill Maher’s ultra-Liberal in-studio audience just as quickly burst into a rousing round of laughter. So did Ann Coulter’s fellow panelists: Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis, MSNBC host Joy Reid, and the Chicago Congressman with a checkered past, Luis Gutierrez.

Maher, who has sparred on television many times with Ann Coulter, even appeared to be shocked by her instant and ardent response. Matt Lewis seemed sure Marco Rubio would be the GOP winner – and of course we now know the Florida Senator couldn’t even best Donald Trump in his home state.

Luis Guiterrez was equally wrong in both his prediction of the power of the a specific segment of the voting population and his choice for the likely Republican nominee. The Chicago politician insisted the “white vote” couldn’t elect a president and favored Jeb Bush as the GOP primary winner.

Joy Reid also falsely assumed that not a single Latino voter would ever cast a ballot for a Republican. According to an exit poll undertaken by NBC, 29 percent of Hispanic voters went with Trump on Election Day.

Ann Coulter was clearly more in tune with what America wanted and needed than the Liberal cast of characters on Bill Maher’s show. She also knew better than the mainstream media at large.

The pollsters talked to their own kind. They, meaning the Liberal media and the metropolitan dwellers at large, don’t think much about the Americans in flyover country or the good folks in their midst of the city who keep it humming. They make the food which sustains these Liberals but they are never asked about their politics.

The 2016 presidential polls were wrong because the survey takers POLLED THE WRONG PEOPLE. If you’re only going to ask questions of fellow Liberals, your results will be skewed – at best.

Liberal talking heads were astounded to learn rural and small town Americans, with their working class urban peers, don’t exactly look at the world the same way Progressive elites do – this should not have been a shocker.

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