Man Finds Hidden Shelf in Wardrobe—When He Exposes the Secret Inside, the Cops are SHOCKED

They had NEVER seen something like this turned in before…


A 25-year-old Syrian refugee named Muhannad was recently granted asylum in Germany. He has been staying in a small town called Minden, just outside of Hannover.

As Muhannad started to get settled in the new country, he was given a few items from charity, including an old wooden wardrobe.

It appeared to be your average cabinet at first glance, but little did Muhannad know, it was housing an expensive secret that could’ve been enough to buy him a whole new life.

As the young man started to rearrange the shelves, he found a staggering €50,000 (£41,000) in cash hidden between two of them. On top of that, he found savings account books valued at over €100,000!

The shelf where Muhannad found the money Share

Photo credit: Telegraph

What’s even more incredible is that Muhannad didn’t consider keeping the money for himself for one second.

He immediately contacted German authorities and turned the money in.

As well as €50,000 in cash, Muhannad also found savings accounts books worth more than €100,000  Share

Photo credit: Telegraph
“For the police and the town, he is the hero of the day,” the police released in a public statement.

“This young man has behaved in an exemplary fashion and deserves major credit,” another spokesman added. “It’s quite often the case that someone finds a smaller amount of cash and hands it into the police. But for it to happen with such a large sum is absolutely exceptional.”

Muhannad is entitled to a 3 percent reward according to German law if the rightful owner isn’t identified.

Had he kept the money, Muhannad said he would have been able to bring his two little brothers over to Germany with him. However, he knew it wasn’t right to “finance your own interests with someone else’s property.”

It’s not too often that you hear those words of integrity come out of the mouth of someone in desperate need. He sacrificed the needs of his own family in the name of doing the right thing. What a stand-up young gentleman!

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