Michelle Obama’s Nutrition Legacy Takes Another Hit With These Stunning New Facts

In the battle to ‘fight obesity’, or what we would refer to as her hunger for power over our children, Michelle Obama has lost. According to an 8-year study, she is setting up these young kids for failure. OUCH! Huge blow, to a woman who swears her nutrition plan works. If she actually knew what she was doing, or had any experience in nutrition, perhaps her ‘good intentions’ may have played out a little better. Possibly the lack of exercise they get comes into play? Maybe…either way, whatever she just tried to implement nationwide was a complete failure, and now, she knows it.

VIA| First lady Michelle Obama has dedicated much of her influence from the White House to combating childhood obesity.

Among her notable if dubious achievements to that end came through her advocacy of lunchroom nutrition standards for the nation’s public schools.

Western Journalism has covered the program’s extensive unpopularity among students, parents and school administrators alike.

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Taxes had to be cut somewhere, so she could continue to buy her expensive dresses and take her expensive family get away’s.

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