BREAKING STORY: Michigan Attorney General Just Put A Stop To Jill Stein’s Recount In The Best Way

We have all heard about the conquest that Jill Stein is on, to try and prove that Mr. Trump cheated in the race to become President Of The United States. What everyone fails to see in this event is that millions of tax dollars that will be used to make his happen. I believe that Stein is using this recount as a distraction to get more money from the people to benefit herself and the group she represents. This is a last ditch effort to get everything they can, and America has just put a STOP to it.


VIA| Schuette filed legal documents with the court Friday asking the Michigan Board of Canvassers and the Supreme Court to put a halt to the recount effort, claiming that Stein didn’t qualify as an “aggrieved” candidate to seek one since she only garnered roughly 1 percent of the vote and that there wasn’t sufficient time for a recount even if she were qualified to demand one.

“Michigan voters rejected Stein’s candidacy by massive margins, but her refusal to accept that state-verified result poses an expensive and risky threat to hardworking taxpayers and abuses the intent of Michigan law,” Schuette said, according to Politico.

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