Mom Decides To Pop Son’s Knee Infection Against Doctor’s Orders, What She Finds Living Inside? OMG

Rachel Franklin was sick of dealing with her son Paul’s infected knee. Doctors had been telling them for weeks not to mess with it, just to let the swelling go down but it was getting worse and worse.

She decided to pop it and release the pus, possibly alleviating some of his painful symptoms. Instead she got a disgusting surprise that literally made her laugh out loud! In shock of course.

Out popped a little gray object, fairly small in size and similar to a rock. But as Franklin turned it over in her hand, she had a sickening realization – it wasn’t a rock at all. Her son’s knee had been infected because there was a sea snail in there.

“I think I might have even just laughed out loud,” she told Animal Planet. “I said, ‘Paul, this is a snail! It’s a freaking snail!’”

The snail had been growing inside the top of Paul’s knee, leading the body to completely reject it. His knee was turning black and filling with puss, causing great concern to Rachel.

This particular type of snail can survive in some harsh conditions, even able to live for weeks out of the ocean by retreating into it’s shell. Apparently the conditions inside of a human’s body mimic those harsh conditions where the sea snail thrives – what we still don’t know is how the snail got in there in the first place.


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