Obama Fails To Nationalize Muslim Holiday, Begs Congress To Grant Him Final Wish In Last Days

There is often a very common theme with Obama following terrorist attacks. I don’t need to list a specific case because it always seems to be the same speech after every jihadi attack: we need to ban guns and not blame Muslims.

Obama has refused to blame Islam and Muslims for their hundreds of terrorist attacks, which further proves his true religion and feelings.

His entire presidency seems to be focused on helping Muslims at the expense of America. But what Obama tried to get passed is absolutely outrageous!

Followers of Islam have been circulating a petition to celebrate Eid al-Fitr as a national holiday in America, which takes part in September at the end of Ramadan (the Muslim fasting holiday). It currently has 127,047 signatures and that number continues to skyrocket.

A patriotic American President would have ignored the request entirely or dismissed it. But with Obama, we know that is not what happened here. Obama went to Congress himself and begged them to give into Muslim demands.

Look how carefully worded and positive Obama’s reply is:

President Barack Obama “understands the importance” of the three-day event that marks the end of Ramadan – but said it’s up to Congress to make the call, according to the White House’s response to the petition.

“Proposals for new permanent federal holidays are typically the province of Congress,” White House officials wrote. “While Eid is not among the public holidays designated by Congress, we want you to know that the Administration is committed to advancing the ability of all people to practice their faith, observe their religious practices, and celebrate religious holidays.”

The same President who supports the liberal War on Christmas has no problem using this soapbox to promote a Muslim holiday while telling Christians to stop doing everything that offends Muslims. This almost passed had Congress not shut Obama down immediately, but imagine if Republicans did not control Congress?

How would it have made you feel to see Obama create a national holiday for Muslims?

H/T: Conservative Daily Post

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