America’s Economy BEFORE OBAMA Vs. AFTER OBAMA…Some Legacy, Huh?

Just like any other President they have all had their ups and downs. More downs for Obama, see as how he really didn’t do what he said. If  he would have tried harder, rather than golf or go on expensive vacation well the States are being attacked. Then I could respect his efforts, But he DIDN’T.  When you are the leader of a nation as great as America you better be all in or set aside and let someone else with ball take over.


Breitbart News put President Obama’s claim to the test using eight key metrics of economic health: the federal debt, the gross domestic product annual growth rate, the unemployment rate, labor participation rates, median annual income, home ownership rates, health care costs, and reliance upon food stamps.

Six of these eight metrics show that Americans are demonstrably worse off in November 2016 than they were in January 2009, when President Obama was inaugurated.

The two metrics which show nominal improvement–the unemployment rate and median annual income–come with significant caveats.

While the measured unemployment rate has declined under Obama, the dramatic increase in the number of those not participating in the labor force, and stagnant median household annual income in real terms, suggest that those two economic metrics represent illusory gains.

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