One Presidential Candidate Has Been Charged With A Crime!

Sometimes, the world just isn’t fair. It’s a sad fact, but something we unfortunately have to accept sometimes.When you hear that a liberal presidential candidate is going to face criminal charges, your mind immediately rushes to Hillary Clinton. Knee-jerk, but for good reason. Looks like Green Party candidate Jill Stein is the lefty in trouble today.

From The Blaze: Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein will face charges after she allegedly vandalized equipment at a construction site in North Dakota, the Bismarck Tribune reported. A spokesperson for Stein told the Associated Press that the candidate wrote “I approve this message” in red spray paint on the blade of a bulldozer while she took part in a protest at a Dakota Access Pipeline construction site Tuesday.

Of course.

 Hillary gets away with lying under penalty of perjury and countless other things, but Stein will be prosecuted for vandalism.

I’m not defending Stein in any way – what she did was wrong – but goes to show how broken the system is.

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