Artist To Be Fined For Refusing To Do Same S*x Marriage Invitations… RIDICULOUS!!!

Wasn’t there just an artist who refused to dress The First Lady? I’m confused… didn’t they just praise her for it, too? This is a perfect example liberal Hypocrisy! They refuse to help someone because they think she is a racist. Now they’re crying because someone refuses to do Wedding Invitations.

VIA| Two Arizona-based Christian artists face fines and the possibility of being jailed after they refused to make invitations for same-sex weddings.


Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski own Brush & Nib Studio, a stationery company that makes invitations for different events, including weddings.

Following their refusal to create invitations for a gay wedding because of their religious beliefs, they are accused of violating an ordinance in the city of Phoenix that protects homosexuals from discrimination.

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