President Trump Has Had Enough- BREAKS His Silence On The VOTER FRAUD Issue…NOW THEY ARE LISTENING!

Liberals have been crying for the past week over the loss in the presidential race. Many believe that Trump won because the race was rigged and the voters count was off. Because of this, many demanded a recount. Well, that didn’t go so well for the left side. Now they are eating their own words and we love it!.


Over the course of the last 24 hours, Trump has been whining about a recount effort in Wisconsin and attempts to trigger recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania. If the recount goes against him, Hillary Clinton would become the President-Elect and Trump would be forced to go home and cry into a gold-lined pillow about how big of a loser he is.

In addition to those Twitter posts about recounts, Trump just posted three more bragging that he won the popular vote even though the current vote count shows Hillary with more than a 2 million vote lead.

Trump claims he won the popular vote because 3 million people voted illegally, which is a wild accusation that has zero evidence supporting it.


Trump then claimed that he would have won the popular vote had he focused more on a few large states rather than smaller ones.

But the fact remains that Trump LOST the popular vote by a wide margin and his electoral margin could be flipped if recounts go the way many hope.

Regardless, Donald Trump just disqualified himself from the presidency again by attacking the democratic process. Recounts are legal and Hillary Clinton has every right to ask for one, especially since Trump margin of victory in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are so narrow. They’re part of the democratic process.

Furthermore, Trump just insulted 3 million Americans by claiming that their votes don’t count. He has absolutely no proof that 3 million people voted illegally, and such a wild accusation proves that he is unfit to lead this country.

Enough is enough. Donald Trump is a disgrace and he should be forced to step aside. He does not deserve the the title of President-Elect and he certainly does not deserve to be called President. Period.


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