PRICELESS: Muslims Are PI**ed After This Pastor Shows Up COURT Wearing This…


The Florida pastor, Terry Jones was arrested before he could burn the evil books and charged with illegally transporting fuel on his way to perform the stunt that outraged Muslims across the world.

The case was dismissed but thanks to pressure from the Muslim loving Obama admin Jones ended up back in a higher court to be charged again. What a waste of time and money.

But when Jones showed up in court he wore an awesome shirt that has Muslims FURIOUS! This is EPIC!

His shirt had the words “NUKE ISIS!” HELL YEAH!

Check it out.


The Lakeland Ledger reported in the summer of 2015 that the 2nd District Court of Appeals had decided to uphold the original dismissal.

My friend and esteemed colleague V Saxena at Conservative Tribune reports that all that remained after that was a petty misdemeanor charge for openly carrying a firearm. The most he might have received for that charge was 60 days in jail.


We are at war with radical Islam, a perverted ideology whose adherents desire to rob not only us but the entire world of its freedoms and liberties. These diabolical fanatics hate us and our ways, and nothing infuriates them more than seeing us practice our right to free speech.

Many on the left want us to put aside this freedom, lest we offend Muslims, but men like Terry Jones don’t care. Our rights trump their feelings, and anyone who doesn’t understand this should do themselves a favor and relocate to another country.


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