Randy Travis Can Hardly Talk After Stroke—3 Yrs Later, He Stuns America Singing “Amazing Grace”

It’s been a challenging three years for Randy Travis as he’s slowly recovered from the stroke that nearly killed him in 2013. Doctors are in shock that Travis survived the severe stroke that stole his ability to walk, his ability to speak—and perhaps most tragically for the country star, his signature singing voice.

But on Sunday evening, his fans finally got to witness a glimpse of that once again.

The 57-year-old was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame alongside record producer Fred Foster and fiddler Charlie Daniels. As Randy took the podium to receive the honor, his wife, Mary Davis-Travis, stood by his side, speaking of the countless operations and procedures he’s undergone in his long recovery journey.

After numerous surgeries, six months in the hospital, and years of therapy, she couldn’t be more proud of the living miracle standing next to her.

“Randy stared death in the face, but death blinked,” she said. “Today God’s proof of a miracle stands before you.”

It was then that Randy gently grabbed the microphone from his wife and began singing a sweet rendition of “Amazing Grace” in his first public performance in three years. He can hardly form full sentences, but somehow he managed to muster up the energy to serenade the crowd with a song—and it was truly breathtaking.

Though his voice wavered, his quiet courage did not.

Fellow country legends Dolly Parton, Kris Kristofferson, Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks, Brad Paisley and Vince Gill were present for Travis’ much anticipated induction. Brooks stood next to Travis softly singing along, and his tearful reaction really says it all.


See Randy’s performance for yourself in the video captured by a fan below…

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