STAR STRUCK: Watch What Happens When This Crazy Chick LOSES IT As Her Favorite Wrestler Beats Up The Other Guy

In case you didn’t get the memo, pro-wrestling fans are some of the most passionate people in the world once you sit them down in front of the squared circle and start watching a bunch of oiled-up, musclebound men in underwear give monologues about how badly they’re going to kick another dude’s ass. It’s pretty much the best Soap Opera on television.

Now I thought I was a HUGE Macho Man Randy Savage fan as a kid. I dressed like him, talked like him, strained my neck like him, hell I even jumped off of my couch at least a million times trying to perfect my own elbow drop. I thought I was a superfan.

But then I saw this woman.


WWE Superstar Roman Reigns just so happened to be beating on Triple H in the vicinity of the biggest fan of not only him, not only pro-wrestling, but pretty much anything that has ever existed.


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