Students Fear For Their Lives As A Tornado Heads To Their School, Then Something Amazing Happens

In the heart of tornado alley, these students were about to face what every human fears deep down; a tornado heading for their sweet little town. Students gather in the hallways to prepare themselves for the destruction of the tornado. In the heat of the moment, the students begin to do something incredible. They left it up to God, and sure enough…God had their back.

VIA| Jessica Labbe moved her students into the hall for shelter as the storm bore down on them. She had no idea how she would quell panic if it raised its head. But she didn’t need to fear… the students suddenly broke out into song. A number of choir members were there and they began to sing, “Mary Did You Know.” It’s enough to give you serious chills. Being a Christian, it really moved me. “They started singing and everybody calmed down,” Labbe said. Mrs. Labbe is a devout Christian. She is the leader of the school’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter. When she heard the students singing, it took her breath away and quieted her soul.

From Fox News:

Bremen High School teacher Jessica Labbe knew there was severe weather in the forecast. A line of powerful thunderstorms was about to hit Haralton County, Georgia.

Just after lunch, the tornado sirens began blaring across town. And inside her classroom, cell phones beeped and buzzed – warning students of dangerous weather.

Tornado Warning.

Teachers ushered their students into a hallway so they could be sheltered from the storm.

“When something like that happens, you worry about kids being upset, people being nervous. I have two kids of my own at the elementary school. You’re immediately worried.” Mrs. Labbe told me. “Already running through my head, I’m praying and thinking – how can I calm these kids if anybody does start to panic?”

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