This Officer Was Crossing The Street Behind This Child. Now Keep Your Eye On The Child.

Police have definitely been getting raked over the coals the past couple years. Whether it’s right or wrong, that’s not for me to decide. What is true though is that public opinion towards police officers is at quite a low point. People don’t trust them, and it is proving to be a bigger problem than originally thought.

That doesn’t mean that all police officers are bad however. Taking that stance doesn’t help the situation at all. There really are countless examples of police officers being very diligent in their jobs, and working hard to actually better their communities. Throughout the world there are examples of the kind of good police officers we hope they all can be. This video out of Belarus shows a truly courageous act bye a police officer that I think we can all applaud.
That could have ended in terrible fashion. That cop put his life on the line to save this little boy, if that isn’t an act of heroism I honesty don’t know what is. There are many police officers around the world who would have done the same thing for any one of us.

This man deserves all the praise he receives, and I’m sure that little boy will consider him a personal hero for life. The cop did suffer a bruised leg from the incident, but will recover just fine. The boy was able to walk away from the incident without a scratch, all thanks to this officer who sacrificed his own body to save him.

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