TURNS OUT… The “Hamilton” Actor Who Ambushed Mike Pence Isn’t So Innocent After All, Looks Like The Media Is OVERLOOKING His Vulgar Past.

Source| When “Hamilton” star Brandon Victor Dixon took the stage last week to lecture Vice President-elect Mike Pence in front of a theater full of patrons, conservatives might have jeered, but liberals swooned. The black actor delivered a self-righteous soliloquy that outlined perceived shortcomings of the incoming Trump administration.

The Broadway star was applauded by a New York Democrat audience and a fawning media for his bravery in standing up for the rights of the downtrodden. But a quick look at the actor’s social media history shows the sensitivity was all just another performance.

Dixon apparently glories in boasting about sexual assault of drunken white women — exploiting the “white, suburban housewife & mother” — and smearing all American, presumably white, cops as racist killers.

Needless to say, an outspoken white Trump supporter with a history of comments like this would be a candidate for a progressive drumhead court.

Check out a couple of his posts that were dug up by the website Heat Street. Predictably enough, they’ve been ignored completely by the same media that gushed over his attack on Pence Friday night.

The reference is clear enough. St. Patrick’s Day, in the United States anyway, has drifted far from its religious origins to become a drunken Bacchanalia, particularly in the urban cities that have voted Democrat for generations.

Apparently obsessed with race and sex, Dixon sees it as a day of open season for sexual conquests of white women who’ve indulged a little too far. (Progressives call that “rape” when it’s on a college campus, or otherwise suits their politics.)

And that’s not his only view of race relations that would get a conservative drawn and quartered. How about this agreement with a Twitter poster who thinks the appropriate response to politically incorrect postings about the death of black teenager Trayvon Martin is to conjure fantasies of having casual sex with white women in suburbia?

For the uninitiated, “jump off” is a slang term for “casual sex partner.” (The willingness of the suburban, white housewives is taken for granted. More likely, judging by the tone, the consent is irrelevant.)

Meanwhile, this paragon of political sensitivity doesn’t have much sympathy for American law enforcement either. Here’s how he feels about police shootings that happen to involve black men – who might or might not be engaged in criminal activity at the time.

Of course, everyone has a right to an opinion, however boorish – even obnoxious Broadway stage performers who feel justified in singling out and lecturing Republican vice presidents from the safety of the stage.

And if Brandon Victor Dixon’s opinion of white women and cops leaves a lot to be desired from the point of view of a decent human being, that’s between him and God. (That it just happens to play into the racists’ stereotype of the black man as sexual predator makes it all the harder to stomach.)

But there’s a broader point here.

The most pathetic part about Dixon’s antics – and the one that’s been most overlooked in the coverage of the controversy – is the frankly pathetic pleading that it involved when he addressed Pence last week:

We sir, we, are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us — our planet, our children, our parents — or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir.

Here was a man, obviously in superb physical health and at the height of his profession, basically pleading with an elected official for “protection” from some unnamed terrors, on behalf of “our planet, our children, our parents.”

Meanwhile, in his off-stage utterances, the same man has a pretty clearly predatory view of the women of the white race, and a racially skewed view of the police officers who actually do provide the kind of protection Dixon seems to be pleading for.

Dixon might play the vulnerability card in a New York theater, in front of a Manhattan audience full of liberals willing to believe the worst about the incoming Trump administration. But his own social media history belies how frightened he – and by extension the rest of the liberal bloc in this country – claims to be.

No one’s crying “lock up your wives and daughters” when Mike Pence comes to town.

It might be a different story, though, for Brandon Victor Dixon. Though the media will never include this in their coverage, It sounds like Americans — at least white, female Americans — might need protection from him.

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