VIDEO FOOTAGE: Punks Block Traffic For Rich-Kids Prank In NYC, Learn That They Should Just ‘KEEP IT MOVING’

Pretty much everyone HATES to be stuck in traffic, and when delayed drivers realize the thing that has slowed their progress is something stupid and unnecessary, well lets just say that that can make some drives very irritated.

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According to The U.K. Sun, Persin’s followers did not express the sympathetic outrage he was likely seeking in posting the video, but called him out instead for being stupid enough to block traffic for an apparently non-permitted photo shoot in the middle of a busy street.

Some commenters suggested that Persin had received exactly what he deserved for blocking traffic unnecessarily, while others implied that the angry driver should have used the bat on Persin himself instead of the expensive car.

Still others suggested the entire thing was a set-up and just another elaborate prank, though that was countered with the assertion that, prank or not, he had no business holding up traffic and had no room to complain about what had happened.

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