WARNING PARENTS: This Woman Had No Idea This Toy Would BURN HER SONS RETINAS And Permanently DESTROY His Vision

Every kid wants a laser pointer. He or she sees them being used for Powerpoint presentations, and thinks of all the cool lasers he or she has seen in cartoons. Or how the red laser could be like a ray gun, or a light saber, or a tracer for a sniper rifle.

A 14-year old boy in Tasmania, Australia was trying to have fun with his laser pointer. But, unfortunately, he shined the laser where he shouldn’t have.

The young boy was found to have lost 75% of his vision, a result of shining the laser pointer directly into his eyes. He approached his parents and told them that he was having trouble seeing. His parents brought him in to see Dr. Ben Armitage to find out what was wrong.

Armitage says: He came in to see me and on the Friday night he’d got a hold of a laser pen and unfortunately shined it in his eyes for a very brief period of time.’

The laser pointer, though only briefly shined into the young boy’s eyes, burned his retinas, causing lifelong damage that destroyed three quarters of his vision.

While laser pointers seem fun, kids need to know how potentially dangerous they can be. One should never shine a bright laser pointer into his or her eyes, and parents should remind their kids of the dangers laser pointers pose.

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