Watch This Liberal MSNBC Host Try To ‘HUMILIATE’ The Donald Trump Election Win … SHE FAILED MISERABLY!!

Andrea Mitchell is getting desperate. She ussed up valuable airtime with former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell,  trying to come up with a way to overturn the will of the American electorate. The only thing wrong with what she is doing is that American people have already spoken, and they do NOT want Hillary Clinton as their President.


In effect, the vehemently pro-Hillary news anchor begged Rendell to give her some shred of optimism, some glimmer of hope that her candidate might somehow pull out a win.

With Michigan’s 16 electoral votes only recently awarded to Trump because the state’s vote was that close, Trump holds an Electoral College lead of 306 votes to Clinton’s 232, according to USA Today.

Unfortunately for Mitchell, one of the sources cited in that New York magazine report published his own article on that destroyed the very premise that computer hacking had turned the election.

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