WATCH: Little Girl’s EPIC Hillary Rant Goes Viral and It’s Easy to See Why


A video of a young politico ranting and raving about Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has gone viral since being posted to YouTube Wednesday, and for good reason — it was adorable and also contained some truth.

Nobody likes Hillary,” the little girl began. “She’s a bad person.”

Preach it, young lady.

“Donald Trump is the greatest person in the whole entire world,” the little girl, whom the video did not name, continued. “Hillary should be ashamed of herself. She needs God and Jesus. She really needs God. She is ashamed of herself.”

She then stated she loves Donald Trump and believes him to be “the best person (she’s) ever heard in (her) whole entire life.”

“Do not like Hillary,” she concluded. “Do not say you like Hillary. She is so bad. Thank you.”


Who on Earth could or would disagree with that? Only a very bad person — someone like Hillary Clinton, for instance.

Or a hateful liberal, such as the trolls who swooped in on YouTube to leave disparaging remarks about the young lady.

“Hopefully, she’ll be unable to reproduce,” wrote one such jerk. Nice.

Another liberal chimed in claiming that the young lady’s parents were “exploiting” her. Wrong. Her parents were simply allowing her to earn some attention for being an adorable young politico.

Of course, these were likely the same sniveling bedwetters who had thought it wise to make an issue out of the GOP nominee’s tongue-in-cheek quip earlier this week about canceling the election.

Must everything be serious all the time? Can men, women and children not have some fun? Geez.

Look, with America standing on the precipice of disaster right now, it kind of helps to just sit back sometimesand smile and laugh. And anyone who lacks the capability to do this — well, I understand they have pills for that now.

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