WHOA! Check Out These Massive Tongue And Lip Zits Get Popped

Everyone loves a good pimple popping. I know for some of you that maybe hard to believe… but it’s true. Those are the ones this is for. If you can handle it that is… Enjoy!!!


VIA|It’s a pimple on a tongue and let me just tell you right now…IT’S DISGUSTING! Even more so than any other video that I’ve had to write about, and let me tell you why.

This is what a pimple is:

It’s oil, dead skin cells, and BACTERIA….that is in an over abundance stuck in pores, therefore creating a pimple. Knowing this, here is my question…

Exactly how is oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria all up in your mouth enough to create a pimple?

Well, I don’t know. This is a question I never would have thought, I’d have to ask.

Whatever the answer is, let me apologize for what you are about to watch…although I am certain the hardcore champs watching will make it through the whole video, the rest of us…might not make it through the first 10 seconds.

Here we go…

WARNING: Contents of video are… EW!

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