Ari Fletcher: Age, Height, Relationships, Bio & Net Worth

Ari Fletcher, also known as Ariana Fletcher, is a well-known influencer, social media star, and businesswoman. Born on July 12, 1995, in Chicago, Illinois, Ari rose to fame through her social media profiles, where she gained a significant following due to her striking appearance and bold photoshoots. With over 6 million followers on Instagram alone, Ari has become a prominent figure in the social media world.

Aside from her social media presence, Ari is also an entrepreneur, having co-founded the hair extension company KYCHE Extensions. She has also launched her own cosmetics line and has made appearances on a reality series. Ari’s business ventures have contributed to her growing wealth, and she has spoken about her desire to build generational wealth for her family.

Despite her success, Ari has faced criticism and controversy throughout her career. She has been open about her past experiences and uses her platform to share her perspective on various topics. Ari’s impact on social media and her ability to monetize her brand have made her a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Ari Fletcher Age

Ari Fletcher was born on July 12, 1995, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. As of 2023, she is 27 years old. Her zodiac sign is Cancer.

Ari comes from a family of five, including her mother Erin Fletcher, sister Ashley, and brother Kyle Jamison. Unfortunately, Kyle passed away when Ari was still young.

Despite her young age, Ari has achieved a lot in her career as an entrepreneur, model, social media influencer, and internet personality. She has a massive following on social media platforms, with millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter.

In addition to her successful career, Ari is also a mother to her son, Yosohn Santana, whom she shares with rapper G Herbo. She often shares pictures and videos of her son on social media, showing her love and affection for him.

Overall, Ari Fletcher has accomplished a lot at a young age and continues to inspire her fans and followers with her hard work and dedication to her career and family.

Ari Fletcher Height

Ari Fletcher stands at a height of 5 feet and 1 inch tall (155 cm). While she may not be the tallest person in the room, her height has not stopped her from pursuing her dreams and achieving success in her career.

It is worth noting that height is not the only factor that contributes to one’s physical appearance and attractiveness. Ari Fletcher has been able to use her unique style and confidence to stand out in the fashion and beauty industry, regardless of her height.

While there is no set height requirement for models, Ari Fletcher has been able to make a name for herself as a successful model and influencer. She has also been able to leverage her social media following to promote her business ventures, such as her hair extension company, KYCHE Extensions.

In terms of weight, it is not publicly known what Ari Fletcher’s exact weight is. However, it is important to note that weight should not be the sole focus when it comes to evaluating one’s physical appearance or health. It is important to prioritize overall wellness and self-care, rather than solely focusing on numbers on a scale.

Ari Fletcher Early Life

Ari Fletcher was born on July 12, 1995, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. She was raised alongside her brother, Kyle Jamison, who unfortunately passed away in 2013. Her mother’s name is Erin Fletcher, who has been a significant influence in her life.

Growing up, Ari had a difficult childhood due to the absence of her father. She has been estranged from her father for a long time. Despite the challenges she faced, Ari was determined to succeed. She attended Chicago Vocational High School, where she completed her education.

Ari Fletcher’s ethnicity is mixed, and her nationality is American. She follows Christianity as her religion and has been vocal about her faith on social media.

During her early life, Ari Fletcher had an interest in the fashion and beauty industry. She started her modeling career at a young age and quickly gained attention for her unique style. Her passion for fashion led her to become a successful businesswoman, social media influencer, and model.

Ari Fletcher Career

Ari Fletcher began her career as a model and social media influencer in 2017. She gained fame after appearing on the reality show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood in 2019. Since then, she has become a popular Instagram influencer, with over 4 million followers.

In addition to her social media presence, Ari has also ventured into business. She is the owner of KYCHE Extensions, a popular hair extension company that she started in 2016. She has used her social media platform to promote her company and other ventures, such as her cosmetics line, Remedy By Ari.

Ari has also made appearances in music videos, including rapper Moneybagg Yo’s “Said Sum” and G Herbo’s “Up It.” She has collaborated with Moneybagg Yo on his song “U Played” and has been romantically linked to him.

Ari has also been featured on BET’s “Dinner with the Don” and has worked with fashion brands such as Fashion Nova. She has monetized her social media following by collaborating with other influencers and creating sponsored content.

Despite her success, Ari has faced criticism and controversy, particularly on Twitter. However, she has remained focused on her career and continues to expand her brand.

Ari Fletcher Relationships

Ari Fletcher is known for her active dating life and has been linked to several high-profile men in the past. She has been in relationships with rapper G Herbo, Kyle Jamison, and boxer Gervonta Davis. In 2019, she started dating rapper Moneybagg Yo, but they broke up in the summer of 2022.

Despite the breakup, Ari and Moneybagg Yo have remained on good terms and have even worked together on a few projects. In March 2023, Ari shared an update on their relationship, stating that they were still friends and had no hard feelings towards each other.

Ari is also a mother to two children, including her son Yosohn Santana, whom she shares with G Herbo. She is known for being a devoted mother and often shares photos and videos of her children on social media.

While Ari is currently single, she has not ruled out the possibility of being in a relationship in the future. She has stated that she is focused on her career and building her beauty empire, but if the right person comes along, she is open to being in a relationship.

Overall, Ari’s dating history has been the subject of much speculation and media attention, but she remains confident and unapologetic about her choices.

Ari Fletcher Net Worth

Ari Fletcher is a successful social media personality, model, and businesswoman who has amassed a considerable net worth of $10 million. She first gained recognition in 2015 as an Instagram model, and later expanded her brand to include a cosmetics line, clothing line, and other ventures.

Fletcher has been able to monetize her social media presence effectively, with over 7 million followers on Instagram and numerous endorsement deals with major brands. She has also been able to generate income through her cosmetics line, KYCHE Extensions, which offers a range of hair extensions and other beauty products.

In addition to her own business ventures, Fletcher is also managed by her mother, Erin Fletcher, who has helped her daughter build her brand and secure lucrative deals. This partnership has allowed Fletcher to build generational wealth and establish herself as a successful entrepreneur.

Despite her success, Fletcher has faced criticism and controversy, particularly in her personal life. However, she has been able to maintain her brand and continue to grow her net worth through her business ventures and social media presence.

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